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This was some of the best flashwork I've seen in a long time.

It was kind of macabre and had a murderous undertone but it was very cool.
Great Job.

Loved it.

I don't think I need to say any more this way one of the funniest flashes ever and it was very well drawn.
I believe "Silver Hammer" is about a syringe cleverly disguised.
Just like all the beatles songs.
They all sound fun and catchy, but about 75% of them are about drugs.


Hah, I dislike macs aswell..
Why do schools use them?
That's what I've always wondered.

The only time I've ever seen a Mac run nice was in a computer store with an incredibly expensive set-up.

Bah, not much to say..
Good job.

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There is a lot of improvements to be made.
It seems like the only gun worth having is the shotgun.
Every other gun shoots so slow that the damage output is terribly low.
Also the shotgun art while double wielding is bad.
Your hand positions are wrong, it looks like you just mirrored the first shotgun for the double wielding.
When you get ammo at that one point in the game the ammo doesn't disappear from the rack.
I don't really see the point of the chainsaw guy..
It was kind of funny.. I guess..
And there was a lot of lag throughout the whole game.

Now to the pros.
When I shot the bomb it exploded.
I thought it sucked to die so close to the end but it was nice to know it wasn't just a pretty bomb just for looks.
It was a real object that would react if I shot it.
The art was so-so but then again it was original so that's good.
The hud was pretty well done, it could be better but it was nice.

I liked it, but it can use a lot of improvement.

FrostedMuffins responds:

Thanks for the very in depth review. I'll try to fix all of the cons in future games. Glad you enjoyed it!

You did a great job on this.

I enjoyed this game a lot.
The only thing I noticed that was different from the original was that it was a little easy.
Even on hard it wasn't terribly hard.
On the original I would drop quarter after quarter into the machine because the game was damn difficult.
But I suppose that's a good thing.

Anyways, congratulations on getting on Attack of the Show.
Great game.

One of the most interesting games on NG.

It was very original.
I liked the whole chess piece idea.
Keep adding onto it :P

Good work.

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